When I was a teenager, my mom went to see a Hmong psychic.  He told her that her first-born had a problem with his/her health.  And since he didn’t know if my mom’s first-born was a daughter or a son, he wanted to talk to my mom’s first-born.  So, a week afterwards, my mom took me to see the psychic.  He said that he immediately knew what the problem was with my health.  The psychic gave me a charm and said to keep it with me until the day I die.  It is a protection charm.  When I asked what kind of protection I needed, this was his response:

“You won’t be able to bear any children.  I have given you a charm to protect you from bad spirits.  If you are able to have children, your first-born will be a son.”

I am mostly skeptical when it comes to psychics.  Why?  Because when I was younger, my mom would take me with her to see Hmong psychics.  She was a single mother, whose husband had left her for a younger woman.  My mom had a lot of emotional problems, and she was confused and at a lost as to where her life would end up.  She felt that she needed to know her future and a psychic was someone who could possibly tell her what she needed to know.

One psychic read people’s lives from a blank notebook.  The pages were blank, and she was the only one who could see and read the words on this notebook.  She was a great storyteller as well.  I sat in a room crowded with Hmong people from far and wide all night, listening to her stories of her previous lives.

Someone in the crowd asked how she does what she does.  She said that when a client comes with an inquiry, the spirits write down the answer and she reads it word for word.  She can’t lie because if she did, the spirits would take away her gift.

Another psychic read from a deck of cards.  Another from the lines on your palm.  And another from animal signs.  And all these remind me of horoscopes.  So broad, so vague.

After a while, I started to really pay attention.  I started to see that they asked very general questions about problems that I believe just about everyone had: money, relationship, stress, work, love, etc.

I remember laughing when a psychic told my mom that she had relationship problems with a man.  My mom was so amazed.  I just thought, “Don’t we all?”  It could be a problem with your brother, father, husband, boyfriend, or simply just a friend who is a man.  And then, there is my all-time-favorite, “You’re going to meet someone in a few days.”

I question the authenticity of psychics all the time.  Some are fake.  They are just trying to con your money.  You go once, they make you believe their words.  And because you are reinforced, you return again and again.

But there are some that really makes you wonder, “Is this person for real because he/she seems to know my life story.”  You know what I think real psychics are?  Real psychics (if there really is such a person) are people who can tell your past, present, and future without even asking you a single question.  It will be an interesting day if I were to ever meet a person such as that.  I can picture it in my head:

I walk in the room.  The old lady takes one look at me and before I can say a word, she says, “MaiBao, take a seat.  I know why you have come.”  And from there on, she spills out my past, my present, and what life has in store for me in the future.

Some people seek the words of a psychic for guidance and reassurance.  And I think that should be all there is to it.  It is your life and you should live your life the way you want to, not the way others tell you to.  And don’t you think that once someone has told you your future, your future has already changed?

It’s been over 10 years since the psychic told me I wouldn’t be able to have any children.  I am happily married with two beautiful daughters.  I still have the charm.  Why?  I do not know.  Even though I am a skeptic for the most part, maybe deep down inside, I fear that if I throw away the charm, something bad might really happen.  Maybe it’s a different story when you’re on the other end of the psychic’s table and he/she is telling you your future.  Yeah, I don’t understand it.

7 thoughts on “Hmong psychics: Are they real?

  1. i liked this story, my blog is vert superficial and lite, but i can appreciate
    your thoughtfulness and writing skills… i probably would have kept the charm too…I still keep flyers..LOl!!!


  2. I’m also very skeptical when it comes to certain Hmong “psychics”. Most of the ones I’ve heard about, I’m sure, are scammers and con artists. I do have a friend who does tarot card readings and his readings about me are somewhat accurate but I always take it with a grain of salt.


  3. I really like how you’re neutral about it. You don’t disrespect it but don’t acknowledge it. What I can tell you now is that, a shaman will never be able to tell your past, present and future if you don’t want them to. It would be breaking HUGE spiritual/moral laws without consent.

    Think about it, if psychics are able to read you inside and out with your past, future and present they would be able to chose your fate for you. Or manipulate you. The future is always something you can change with your present life, your decisions you make and actions you do is the thing that will determine your future.

    Sure, I agree totally that some shaman are fake and con artists. The majority of the real ones, don’t advertise themselves and ask for money for a reading.

    But where there is evil, there is good. There has to be balance in life. Just like Yin and Yang.

    Like you said, even if you don’t believe it, live your life and be a good person with good intentions.

    BTW, I love your stories. :]
    Have a super great day!


    1. I agree with you that you are in charge of your future. Like I wrote, wouldn’t you have already changed your future by knowing what’s going to happy. Thank you for the the awesome comment.


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