Shane Dawson, a famous youtuber, recently made a video parody call “Ghetto Prom From Hell.”  (Click here to view the video).  It’s about a teen getting her prom “pimped” by two “ghetto” chicks.  The latter half of the video insinuates rape, such as the teen’s prom date (who was in prison for rape of a minor) saying he was going to “Fuck that bitch up,” and telling her they weren’t going to prom.

I was reading the comments on this video and I find it disappointingly terrifying that about 90% of the commenters think that this video is funny.  There were those few commenters who stated that rape is no joke, and they were disputed by others saying that it’s just a joke and no one was really raped.

I commented the video stating, “Rape is not something one should joke about.”

A youtuber, by the name of Cuhfuhfuhd, replied to my comment, saying, “Don’t start crying over something that is fiction. No one is really being raped.”

I replied back, “I know no one was raped in this video. And I also know to not take things seriously. But there is a difference between being funny and being offensive. This video is insinuating rape. It’s insulting and demeaning to rape victims.”

He commented back, “Yes, it would probably be offensive to rape victims, people who do get offended over fake things shouldn’t watch the stuff that would portray it…… I’m guessing your not a South Park fan.”

“It was only a joke.”  “No one was raped.”  Rape was only a joke?  Rape is real!  One in 6 women –and 1 in 33 men– will be sexually will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  Someone in the US is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes. [Stats from RAINN].

Don’t get me wrong.  I love jokes.  I love to joke.  I love to laugh.  I don’t get offended easily.  Racist jokes.  Blonde jokes.  Sexist jokes.  Sex jokes.  Political jokes.  Stereotypes.  However, there are two things that I will never ever joke about and I will never ever laugh about: domestic violence and sexual assault/rape.

Rape jokes can be successfully funny.  It just all depends on who the target of the joke is.  If the target is the rape victim/survivor or the circumstances of the rape, then I don’t find that funny at all.  There is a very fine line between what’s funny and what’s insulting and offensive.  No one should poke fun at someone being raped.  EVER.

The Onion did a pretty good job at telling a rape joke.  (Click here for link).  The target of this joke is people who blame the victim for the rape/assault.

And FYI: I am not a “South Park” fan.

One thought on “Rape jokes

  1. MB, I definitely agree with you. I’ve had people tell me I’m too serious and that I need to relax. Truth is, whatever they are joking about could be someone I know or someone I know could have experience whatever it is they are “joking” about. I, too, love to have fun, laugh and joke but there’s a way in which we can joke and still be respectful of others.

    For a long time, I wanted to “fit-in” the crowd and laughed along. Then I finally faced my feelings- this really isnt funny. I really don’t find anything funny about rape, being black, asian, mexican, or getting beated-up, etc.

    All I have to say is, people need to stop joking around about matters in which they have no knowledge about. Yes, I maybe too serious but I know I have a heart and I care.


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