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I believe that I am a fair person.  I try not to judge.  I try to understand.  I may not agree with other people’s choices or lifestyles, but I can empathize.  Any kind of person.  Any kind of situation.  Unless you’re a cheater or an abuser.

Cheaters and abusers are the dirtiest, lowest scums in the world.  No matter what excuses or explanations they give for their actions, I cannot understand and will not accept them.

Some excuses I’ve heard from cheaters are:

  • I don’t know what I was doing.  It just happened.
  • I wasn’t happy with my partner/spouse.
  • My partner/spouse was never there for me.

Excuses from abusers:

  • My partner/spouse/child made me do it.
  • I was drunk/high/stressed/angry.
  • My partner/spouse/child pushed me to my limit.  (They should’ve known better).

The amazing thing about life is that we are able to make choices.  We all make choices in everything that we do.  What pair of jeans would match this top?  Should I make a complete stop at this stop sign?  I like my co-worker, should I ask her out (my partner/spouse would never find out)?  I’m very angry at my partner/spouse/child, how can I express my anger?

When people cheat or abuse others, they are making the choice to do so.  Cheaters don’t know what they were doing?  It just happened?  Of course, it just happened that you took off your pants and had sex with another person.  You’re not happy with your partner/spouse?  Then why are you still with them?  Leave that person if you’re not happy with them.  Your partner/spouse was never there for you?  Again, why are you with that person?  Leave the relationship.  Don’t want to leave?  Can’t leave?  Well, once your partner/spouse finds out about your infidelity, your relationship will either be over or will never be the same again anyway.

Abusers always blame the victims for the abuse.  The victim made you do it?  You were under the influence?  Yes, they pushed you to your limit and you couldn’t handle it anymore, so you did what you had to—abuse them.  If it was the victim or drugs that made you do it, then others would handle the same situation the same way, am I right?  What would a non-abusive person do if they were in your position?  They would’ve NOT abuse and walked away.

Like I said, it’s about the choices that we make.  Cheaters choose to cheat.  Abusers choose to abuse.  And I choose not to tolerate it.

12 thoughts on “My biases: Cheaters and abusers

    1. I hate it when a protagonist I really like does the cheating. I cannot stand that. And most of the time, I know that the actor is just playing a character, but I come to really dislike the actor just because they choose to play that role.


  1. No excuse, they know what they are doing and there’s a point where you say this isn’t worth it. Cheaters always get caught so if you think you can get away with it– think twice. I’m willing to bed you won’t. A*HOLE.


  2. ugh… they are the worst! Normally this is a repetitive bahaviour too. I have friends who’s husband is both cheater and abuser. She still stand by him by saying “Jesus forgive, so I should too.” There’s nothing wrong with forgiveness, but you should be able to draw the line and leave the sorry sob’s ass! Sorry my language. I got so worked out over this issues.


    1. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you allow that to happen to you repeatedly. You can forgive someone for their actions and ALSO not allow them to hurt you again. Sendie-Lou, I get worked up over these issues too.


  3. Looks like I am not the only one who dislikes cheaters and abusers. Excellent post and perhaps we need an anti-cheaters/abusers club organised (just my wishful thinking).


  4. I was chatting with my friend on MSN about this and I’ve got to say that I completely agree with the poster near the beginning. And on a side note, I really like the colors you used for your blog. What theme is this?


  5. cheaters and abusers are above murders, rapists, child molesters and haters. they are the lowest of the lowest. and of course these people can be cheaters and abusers as well. if only i had the power to eliminate all these people i will gladly go to hell.


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