A few weeks ago, my sister saw me drafting out Stalker: A serious crime and commented, “Who reads your blog anyway?”

“People.  I have about 30 subscribers,” I estimated.

“Really?  I thought you had only 5.”

Actually, my sister, 49 subscribers, to be exact.

I do not know whether my subscribers read every post I write because most of them do not comment.  However, I am glad people are interested in what I have to say (according to my site stats).  (Muahuahahah!  My first step to take over the world)!!!

My blog has been slowly growing since I first started blogging on WordPress in 2009.  Before that, I was blogging privately on Myspace where only friends and family could read.  I was a bit hesitant about blogging on a blogging site.  I didn’t know how people would receive my thoughts, opinions, and views.  Most importantly, I didn’t want to offend anyone.  And then I realized the main reason why I blog is for myself, no one else.

It’s great to know I have this many subscribers, and I appreciate every one of you guys.  The reason why I started writing was not to get as many readers as I possibly can.  It didn’t matter to me if anyone was reading.  I just wanted to write.  Write.  Vent.  Express myself.  Those who are interested in what I have to say will come.

It is nice to vent, even when no one is listening (or in this case, reading).  I am a big advocate of writing.  I recommend it to anyone who asks for a stress reliever.  WRITE!  WRITE!  WRITE!  Not only does it calm you down, but it also helps you process your jumbled thoughts.  And most likely, you’ll find a solution to the problem while writing it out.

Everything a person writes is personal.  My blogs about culture, feminism, and even this one that you’re reading; although they don’t necessarily speak about a particular event in my personal life, they are still personal.  Because it comes from the person.

When I first started blogging (on myspace), I used it as a means to vent.  I told people that blogging is my form of therapy.  It is something anyone who cannot afford a therapist on a weekly basis should do.  As I matured and moved my blog to wordpress, it transformed into a medium where I express my views and educate people on certain topics—mostly from a feminist view point.  I still vent, but hidden in a more educative “intellectual”  form.

A couple of weeks ago, I read Blog more. It is good for your health.  My first thoughts were: Exactly!  Ricardo wrote about how blogging is therapeutic and we should write more, even if it is just commenting on another person’s blog.  “Having a personal blog is a great way to write more, the cool thing is that you can write about whatever you want, it is your blog.”

Where do I get my inspiration to write?  Every day life.  When an event happens, I take that and spin it into something general.  For example, my mom scolds me for not being the ideal Hmong wife.  I start a blog post about  Hmong cultural beliefs and views on marriage life for a Hmong woman (still being drafted).  It may take me hours, days, weeks, or even months to finalize and publish one blog post, but how long it takes me doesn’t matter.  Besides putting my opinions out there, I also do it for the process of writing.  It clearly is therapeutic.

8 thoughts on “Blogging: My low-cost, highly effective therapy.

  1. Thank you for writing! I do read them…they are interesting and informative…and I really enjoy learning about your culture. One I otherwise, would probably never have the opportunity to. So Thank you! From one of your random subscribers. 🙂


  2. I blog at 4 different sites of which 3 of the sites are my babies, where I am the blogmaster and one of several writers.

    I also have a full-time job of which it is not blogging but about 10-15% of it, is business writing.

    So definitely blogging fills some sort of need. So far, I’ve managed to pin it down to:

    *realization that I have some cumulative life experiences and thoughts to share

    *it is one of my “creative” outlets –because it taps into twin loves of writing a ‘story’ and art. I have taken part-time evening art courses along the way in life. So choosing digital photos from our vast personal digital collections that he and I take over the past few years, helps me spin a story but also I get pleasure from determining a pleasing visual composition of photos with text.

    Admittedly one is limited by the selected WordPress theme template , but by now, each wordpress theme is different per blog.

    Also @ http://www.velo-city2012blog.com

    Yes, I do tend to write on similar themes. But my personal blog linked to name, probably best expresses “me” in spirit.

    I just enjoy wordsmithing when in the mood!


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