1.     Update every second of every hour about everything they’re thinking and/or doing.
“I just ate this bomb-ass meal!”  “What should I wear today?”  “Hanging out tonight!”  “I miss that person.”  “Getting ready for work!”  Do we really need to know all this?  It reminds me of Rebbecca Black’s “Friday”—Seven a.m., waking up in the morning\Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs\Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal\Seein’ everything, the time is goin’\Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’\Gotta get down to the bus stop\Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends—Sorry, I got a bit carried away.  That song is catchy.  Anyway, I doubt the status update on FB is for its users to spam the newsfeed with repetitive nonsense—that’s what Twitter is for.

2.     Post personal delicate details (e.g., family feuds, relationship problems, financial gains/losses, etc).
And then get angry when others comment, give advice, or ask questions, claiming that people are being nosy and need to buttout.  You need to vent?  Need someone to talk with?  Call someone up.  Don’t write it online because everyone will see it.  Words go around fast.  On the World Wide Web, it goes around even faster.  Don’t post anything you don’t want your 500 FB friends to know.

3.     Use another person’s account to write nice things about yourself on said person’s wall.
This usually happens when people fail to log off (Maybe it’s their personal computer/laptop/macbook/iPhone/iPod/iPad and they don’t log off for convenience, or they’ve stepped away from their device momentarily) and someone (usually an annoying friend or family member) uses the device.  Instead of doing what any thoughtful person would do, i.e., log that person off, they decide to update the person-who’s-still-logged-in’s status by posting things such as: “So-and-so (person borrowing device) is the greatest/my favorite person in the whole wide world!”  Yes, this has happened to me and I think to myself, “Wow, this person sure wants to believe that I like them that much.”  I joke!  I joke!  (No, not really).

4.     Attack someone in their wall posts.
Have a problem with someone?  Either you ignore them (because they’re a waste of your time), or solve it in person, on the phone, or through private messages.  No need to put anyone on blast, especially yourself.  Which goes back to #2.  What annoys me even more are those passive aggressive posts.  Examples: “I hate people who always stick their nose into my business.  Mind your own beeswax!”  “I’m so annoyed at certain people.  I can’t stand them.”  It’s like you expect those people you didn’t name to know you’re talking to them and they’ll just stop doing what it is you don’t like.  It doesn’t work that way.  Facebook is not high school.  GROW UP!

5.     Check-in.
Checking in once in a long while is fine.  Checking in continuously is annoying and really not safe.  No one needs to know where you are at all times.  The check-in feature is something a stalker could use to figure out your daily routine.  Use it with discretion.

6.     Post pictures of their reflections in the mirror, holding a camera, doing the “fish” face (i.e., pouting lips).
It’s really not sexy.

7.     Brag about the material things in their lives.
It’s okay to show off once in a while.  However, when that’s all that I read from you, I start to think that maybe you’re a bit too shallow and don’t know what the true meaning of living is.  Either that, or you’re compensating for something meaningful you don’t have.

8.     Tag me when I’m not even in the picture or the note they’ve written doesn’t even pertain to me.
I get that you want to get my attention.  I get that you want me to view your picture or read your note.  I’ll do it on my own time.  Tag me and I’ll just untag myself right back.

Whew!  I finally got it off my chest!  That felt so wonderful!

Facebook is a great networking website to stay connected to friends and family.  There is a fine line between staying connected (that is, updating them on what’s going on in your life) and getting a bit carried away with the the info you share.  And sometimes, people don’t know, so they unload everything on Facebook.  What do you do when you’re overwhelmed by these posts on Facebook?  Don’t deactivate your account.  Why should you when Facebook has an option where you can “hide” certain posts or people from popping up on your newsfeed?  Awesome!

Update: 6/21/2011
I have added an 8th thing to my list.

And thanks to Diana, I want to share a funny, yet very true, link with you all!

11 thoughts on “8 things people do on Facebook that annoy me

  1. So funny! and yet so true!!!! It amazes me to see what other people had post on their wall or even be so narcissistic posting a picture of themselves they they took by holding the camera out at arm’s length. hahaha… I should post this on facebook! 🙂


  2. That is so very true. Just because one is online, one cannot do whatever he or she pleases. Offline privacy ettiquette still applies online regardless.


  3. I don’t have a personal Facebook account. And am not convinced I need one now. I consider myself lucky just getting email responses from friends and family.

    That’s good enough. And I have …3 blogs, to share my views of the world (though 2 support organizations).

    I had a sister who died recently…and really don’t want to deal with junk from strangers over the Internet that waste valuable time. Life is short. Dont’ spend too much time with strangers who don’t add value to your happiness/life.


    1. Hi Sendie-Lou! Thanks for checking in on me. I’ve been doing well, but just been very busy. I will come back to WP on a regular basis once everything settles down.


  4. I got rid of my Facebook account, but then went back after upgrading to a smartphone. The phone is worthless without Facebook, and I really didn’t want Twitter. BTW, what happened to you?


  5. “I get that you want to get my attention. I get that you want me to view your picture or read your note. I’ll do it on my own time. Tag me and I’ll just untag myself right back.”

    Sounds shallow, childish…and very hypocritical!


  6. guilty as charged. dont wanna be my friend, im also okay with it. number 2 and 4 on ur is my biggest problem with about fb and that is when i unfriend you lol i vent on fb not frequent but i admit i do it sometimes even without realizing it. i hate the my bf is a fucker and then 5 minutes later i love my bf. and the same cycle all over again.


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