“I am a Hmong Woman”
by Pang Hang

The ground burns like fire as I walk
Passing by the trees that speaks to my heart
I am making the pathways of my life
By holding to my heart with my head held high
I know that I have to respect my traditions and cultures
I learned that having a good life come with tortures
Even though I am marginalized by my body and space,
I hope one day I will be able to carry out my own fate
The fate that will help me achieve higher education
The fate that will help me define who I am within my tradition
The bloody footprints I make from my feet
Constructs the path of my identity
The tears and cries from my eyes
Fulfills the thirst of the people in my life
The mentality of my brain
Will help me regain
Regain the life that I once had
And hopefully make that life stand
I know that being a woman in this culture was going to be hard
But that did not stop me from wanting to go far
I heard all the stories of those who failed
But that not going to stop my prevail
I wanted people to know that my hands were not only for feeding nor for farming
I wanted people to see that the drips of blood from my feet tells such stories
I wanted people to hear the cries that I make at night
And think about the reasons why I strive so hard to survive
I am a Hmong woman
That speaks with her heart without the fear of her part
That never gives up a fight until she loses all her might
Although, my body may define what I should do and be
But I decide what kind of Hmong woman I want to be.

Posted with permission from I am Hmong Beauty.

5 thoughts on “I Am A Hmong Woman

  1. Love it! This is very inspirational! I’m going through one of the toughest obstacles so far and this my friend is very uplifting!


  2. Very inspirational! I still have so many questions when it comes to Hmong traditions and Woman. Your blog and I am Hmong Beauty in Facebook definately helps me clarify some questions I have. Thank you.


  3. The last 1/4th of the poem needs to be reworked, as the opening lines are stronger. Back to the drawing board. Also take more pride in being a Hmong girl. It’s not the end of the world. It’s actually a pretty neat identity- to be a Hmong girl. It’s a calling.


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