I am still recovering from the shooting in Newton, CT. As I read about what happened, I think of my own children with teary eyes. I think of all those innocent children who didn’t have a chance to live their full life. I think of all the grieving family who would never see their children or family member again. I think of my oldest child’s elementary school, how open it is, how dangerous that is. All visitors are expected to report to the office, but that wouldn’t be something on a crazed gunman’s mind if he were on a rampage for blood.

As expected, this shooting has opened yet another debate about gun control in the United States. Should we have stricter gun laws? Would this prevent such massacres from happening?

I read in the news that State Senator Leland Yee is already looking at reintroducing a gun control bill that died in committee earlier this year (SB 249).

Pro guns people and organizations argue that in order to stop mass murderers, we need to have the right to carry. Someone will be more reluctant to go about shooting innocent people if they know that a setting or an establishment will have people who carry guns.

My question is, will someone care whether or not a place is heavily armed when they go on a crazed shooting spree? Most of these mass murderers commit suicide, so it wouldn’t matter to them if they went to a heavily armed establishment and got killed.

Gun owners will argue that if someone wants to kill another person, they will use whatever means necessary. If they don’t have guns, they will opt for a knife. If they don’t have a knife, they will use something else.

Anti-gun advocates will argue that guns are effectively deadly weapons. One bullet can instantly kill a person. A person may or may not die from a knife wound.

There was an attack similar to Newton, CT yesterday in Henan, China. The only difference is instead of a gun, the crazed man had a knife. He went to school and slashed down 22 children and one adult. It was a gruesome attack with severed fingers and ears, but everyone survived. Would the children of Sandy Hook Elementary had survived if Adam Lanza had a knife? Probably.

Those who want to relinquish guns argue that guns beget violence. If people didn’t have the right to own and carry, we wouldn’t have innocent people dying from the hands of trigger-happy psychos. Take a look at Japan, who has the most strictest gun control laws compared to other developed countries. Gunpolicy.org reports that there were only 11 firearms homicides in Japan in 2008 versus 9,484 in the US.  The FBI reported 8,583 murders by guns in 2011.

What would happen if we were to make it as hard to get a gun as getting a driver’s license and owning a car? But that wouldn’t prevent someone from getting a hold of a gun. I remember in high school how I took my mother’s car and drove it around the block even though I didn’t have a license or owned the car.

Gun control a very complicated issue. There are civilians who obey the laws and own guns. They have guns for protection, sports, hobbies. Are we going to make it harder for these people to have guns because of something they haven’t done?

I am spilling at the brim with questions and thoughts that I don’t even know what to think.

Would banning guns or having stricter gun control laws stop violence? Would giving people the right to carry arms prevent these horrendous mass murders from happening? The massacres in Aurora, CO, the Wisconsin Sikh temple, Virgina Tech, Columbine. I really don’t know.

9 thoughts on “Should We Have Stricter Gun Control Laws?

    1. Agreed. Meth, heroin, cocaine, etc are illegal, yet people are still doing those drugs. And they also have access to them as well. Would banning guns really stop gun violence? I don’t think so. More likely, it’ll make it hard for the good guys to protect themselves against the bad guys.


    1. LOL. So is my spouse. I’m not sure where I stand. And we will never know if it will prevent someone from shooting up a place until it happens.


    2. Me, too. The second sign only assumes that teachers are willing to be trained as soldiers. First of all, with all the budget cuts in schools I would like to know where we would even get the money to send teachers to military camp. They’re underpaid and stressed over new federal regulations about standardized testing as it is. Must they also learn how to take down a fully-armed crazy man, too? Many gun-toting civilians are not trained to engage in these kind of shootings anyway. It would be more lethal to have more people playing cops while innocent lives get caught in the crossfire. When the SWAT team shows up who would they even know is the real shooter? How would a gun-toting civilian know which is the real shooter should s/he walk in during a shoot out? Stricter gun control laws are the right step.


  1. As a Canadian citizen and resident my whole life, I will be so honest: I’m so glad we do have stricter gun control laws here in Canada.

    I’m sorry the ugly face of U.S. has shown itself to the rest of the world: there is a deeply emedded gun culture, so much that someone even like yourself thinks/believes gun access for protection is the solution.

    There is already has that stigma in many areas of Canada and in many social circles within Canada. Meaning the stigma of being happy to own a gun or having a small collection of guns.

    Sure some rare individuals treat their car nearly like a weapon but the biggest difference is that so much law on driving etc. forces many drivers not to treat their car like a weapon to kill. But instead as a transportation vehicle.

    The original purposes of a gun is only 2-fold: to kill or to practice target shooting as a sport.

    Don’t tell me it’s to make noise to scare someone, you might as well have a security alarm system or carry a device that suddenly scares someone away.

    Get a dog for home protection, for goodness sake. Or for protection when going jogging, walking, etc. That’s what alot of people do instead. A mobile protector.

    Most likely alot of intentional crime that most civilian people will experience in their lifetime, would be aided by the protection of their dog.


  2. Not only have gun control laws, mental health support services, well-adjusted families, but also make gun culture/ownership more and more socially unacceptable…like smoking and drug abuse.


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