Oh my gosh! It has been almost two months! Where have I been?

I have been to the moon and back.

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). I volunteered to be a part of the SAAM planning committee at work, so I spent half of March and April stressing over it. Kind of bittersweet now that it is over.

I also attended the 16th Hmong National Development Conference in Fresno, CA. Will post a blog about that soon. Shout out to Sky! You’re so sweet. Thank you Janice for introducing him.

I don’t know why, but my head has been filled with so much mumbo jumbo. I do want to blog, but I just cannot articulate these jumbled thoughts into comprehensible words! I think it’s because I have so many blog ideas and just cannot focus myself to sit down and write.

I have also been baking a lot, trying out new recipes. It just cannot be helped that I have gained some weight by doing so, but oh well… Cake is good.

There have been one change to my blog. As you may have noticed (or probably not), I did change my comment settings. Blog comments will be closed after 90 days of publication.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Sib ntsib dua (See you) through the computer!

2 thoughts on “Update Update Update!!!

  1. You’ve definitely been busy! Glad to read your update post. 😀
    I can relate to how you feel about not being able to articulate thoughts into comprehensible words. That’s my challenge with writing. Looking forward to reading my posts from you. Take Care.


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