A Hmong Woman is my personal blog—ramblings, opinions, blahs of my thoughts. This blog is a medium for me to express myself on the world wide web and serves as a forum for discussion. I am not an expert nor have I done extensive research on the Hmong culture and community for this blog to serve as a reliable source for your research assignment or school work. Many of the cultural components I talk about here are from my individual experience and observations, and they do not qualify as evidence for the Hmong community as a whole. You can read my disclaimer here.

Why am I writing this? Because I am receiving an increasing amount of emails from those who are reaching out for help (academic, love/relationship, cultural, family). I am humbled that you value my opinion, but I also feel as if I am in no position to give advice. I do try to answer your questions to the best of my abilities without impeding on your capability to think for yourself. I value empowerment and in that way, I do not give advice, but redirect you to solve your problems yourselves. I don’t mind the questions at all, but there are a few things I want to point out:

First of all, please do not ask me to answer your essay/homework question(s). I will ignore those.

I receive many love/sex/relationship questions. I am not a love guru. I have no to little idea how to please your man ; I don’t know what your man want in a relationship; nor do I know how to turn your man on. There are also many questions in my inbox asking me how to deal with interracial marriages or how to deal with Hmong parents disliking your partner. I can give you insight from my perspective, but it’s up to you to take everything into consideration and make the decision for yourself.

I am not an attorney, so questions regarding legal advice will always be referred elsewhere.

What is the definition of a Hmong woman? This is by far, the most asked question. Maybe because it is the title of my blog. Or maybe because many of the topics I write about relate to being a Hmong woman. My answer will always be the same: We each have our own definition of what it means to be a Hmong woman. What you define as a Hmong woman may be different from what I define as a Hmong woman. And how I define myself should not affect how you define yourself. We each live our lives as we see fit. Being a Hmong woman is arbitrary. I have been working on what it means to be a Hmong woman for so long, I still have no clear idea because it is always evolving.

Lastly, I enjoy your stories and comments and encourage you to share them whenever you feel comfortable. Keep them coming.

4 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Housekeeping

  1. hello how are you doing just wanted to know a little bit about your culture hope all is well with you and wish youthe very best in all things thank you for your time.


  2. Interesting …it must be content of your blog focus that prompts these unsolicited queries. I don’t get queries how to please a guy, parental views of interracial partnerships, marriages etc.

    As for definition of a Hmong woman….honest, I actually don’t see a huge difference between traditional Asian cultures and cultural expectations of women vs. 21st century. The conflicts between tradition and present are very similar.

    Maybe I’m just oversimplifying stuff.


    1. I agree with you. Traditional Asian cultures are very similar. The only reason why I specify “Hmong” women is because that is what is asked.


  3. I am quite weak on most Asian cultures, having lived in Japan & the PI, but American women, in order to break free from male domination, overreached quite a bit, treating men with grand emasculation, and the men go along with it like the wimps they’ve become, now that women have let them know that they are not needed for economics or management, bring the bossiness home to the family, can’t quell it at the shop, so successful women on the job ruin their own families and children, and don’t know where they went wrong, forgetting that it takes two to tango, and many men get sick & tired of it and move out or throw them out, often from the infidelity which that attitude promotes, not realizing who is the leader of their group–she could be, if that is understood from the start.


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