I’ve been away for 8-9 months (isn’t it obvious?). At first it was because I had too many things on my plate–work, family life, health, and being in a place where there were too much clutter in my brain to make sense of it. Then when I wanted to write something, I found that I couldn’t log in to my account. Password was correct. The 2-step authentication failed me. The phone number on file should’ve been correct. And yet, I couldn’t log in. And during the time figuring out what to do and not wanting to call customer service, I lost the motivation to write.

Maybe today was a good day. Maybe the cosmos were aligned and it led me back to “A Hmong Women.” To my surprise, I was able to log in. Same password (I’ve changed it since). Same 2-step authentication. Same phone number. Magically, I signed in as if I hadn’t been gone for a long time and there had been no issues whatsoever.

I can’t say that I’m back for sure; it may take a while to start up regular blogging again.

I do receive your emails and I do read them, but do not have the time to reply to all. I appreciate the emails that express gratitude and appreciation for the existence of “A Hmong Woman.” I am humbled by the emails that look up to me as an expert about issues in the Hmong community, particularly issues that impact Hmong women.

Thank you.

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